4 Tips For Fighting Fatigue At Work

fight office fatigue

If you have a busy job, then chances are that you probably spend a lot of time at the office. When task after task piles up, it’s easy to start feeling like there’s never enough time in a day to get it all done. Stress sets in, and your body starts to feel fatigued as a result.

Despite how much coffee you drink, you may even feel yourself nodding off at certain hours of the day. If this sounds like you, then you are suffering from office fatigue.

A healthy adult should have at least 8 hours of sleep a night. Therefore, if you’re lacking z’s on top of spending more time working than you are resting, then it’s time to find a balance.

If you’re ready to feel more alert at work, then take a look at these tips to fight office fatigue.

Turn off All Screens At Least Two Hours Before Bedtime

It may seem innocent looking at your phone before you fall asleep at night; however, it could be the very culprit giving you those bags under your eyes.

The blue light emitted from your device throws off your circadian rhythm, resulting in disturbed sleep cycles. Your brain thinks it’s time to be awake, but your body feels differently.

Turning off your screen at least two hours before you sleep will help you fall asleep sooner and stay asleep.

Take More Breaks

Even though you may be eager to keep working to get all of your to-do’s done, taking breaks will actually increase your productivity. Short breaks strategically scattered throughout your day will help you keep your motivation and focus up.

Research shows that employees who take more breaks throughout the day are 40% more productive than those who work nonstop.

Eat Better Meals

Stop hitting up the local fast food diner around the corner for lunch. When you fill your stomach full of greasy and heavy foods, you’ll burn out faster. Keep your lunch selection healthy and full of natural sources like vegetables and lean meats.

If you fill yourself too much full of junk, all the blood will go towards your stomach rather than towards your brain. The most important thing to avoid during your workday is sugar. Sugar will result in energy crashes that will ultimately lead to office fatigue.

Drink More Water

Even though you may be inclined to reach for coffee, it’s better to reach for water. Water will keep you hydrated and encourage blood flow to all of your vital organs, keeping your brain more lively.

Too much coffee results in developing a dependence that can give you serious headaches in the absence of your favorite drink. Pack a water bottle instead of a coffee thermos!