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Programmatic TV: The Future of Video Advertising

Change is one of the most constant factors in almost everything. It is especially more constant in the technology sphere. Through constant innovations, new ways of doing things keep coming up, rendering previously successful methods and techniques redundant and outdated. It is thus necessary to keep abreast with changes in your industry for you to remain competitive. The wind of change has recently hit the TV advertising sector. Thanks to technological advancements, programmatic TV is now replacing traditional TV advertising.

Programmatic TV buying companies make this an automated and data-driven approach to buying and delivering advertisements against traditional video content on TV. It includes adverts on the web, connected TVs, mobile devices, as well as linear TV through set-top boxes.

Television advertising has always been lucrative. While traditional TV ad models have been working, the new trend brings a new dimension to advertising. The method is precise in targeting specific consumer trends to drive the return on investment on media spend higher. It is based on data about consumer segments. The data helps advertisers target individual households. Advertisers purchase TV ads from cable and satellite companies and send them to households based on their consumption patterns.

Programmatic advertising works on the premise of automated ad selling and buying via a unified platform for all channels. The technology allows for real-time bidding for video impressions. Multiple advertisers place their bids for the unique impression simultaneously with the leading bid placed in real-time to the targeted viewer.

Programmatic TV brings precise targets, which enhances the relevancy of ads. Since it is based on consumer data, the ads are more relevant to each demographic or household, reflecting their lifestyles or spending habits. This precision and relevancy makes it the future of video advertising. Hence, advertisers need to pay attention and position themselves to take advantage of the future opportunities it presents. With the current growth projections, it would be unwise not to pay attention to this developing trend away from traditional TV advertising.

The trajectory of programmatic advertising has been upward for the past few years. This growth is projected to continue into the future with spend expected to exceed $70 billion by the end of 2020 with the TV share of this spend being over $5 billion. The positive trajectory has been due to the success of programmatic advertising. The trend has caused an increase in cord cutting, with people discontinuing their traditional viewing channels. As the trend grows, more people are bound to disconnect from their corded subscriptions for traditional TV.

Some may ask, “Why programmatic Advertising?” Well, programmatic advertising offers more than traditional TV advertising. First, it is data-driven, meaning that it uses the data to determine the consumer behavior. That helps in identifying the target audience for specific ads. That way, it is more efficient as the ads target audiences most likely to respond to the ads. Secondly, the targeting capabilities of programmatic advertising make it cheaper than traditional television advertising. Since the ads are precise and specific to target audiences, advertisers spend less unlike traditional methods that require more spending with no specific target audience.

Great businesses have the ability to adapt fast to changing environments. It is imperative for you to keep abreast with changes for you to constantly enjoy the advantages of technology. Traditional TV has proved inefficient when it comes to advertising in this new age. Thus, it must give way to new, better and efficient methods of advertising. With more and more people disconnecting from traditional TV channels, programmatic advertising is gaining traction at an even faster rate. Advertisers must therefore adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Helps Businesses Extend Their Reach

When you want to extend your business’s reach to potential clients, you should use digital marketing. A professional digital marketing firm knows how to bring technical skills and creativity together to help you build your leads. Using SEO, web design, social media, and written content, you will reach more people and get the results that you are looking for.


SEO is Search Engine Optimisation, which can be complicated if you aren’t experienced in the field. The key is to get your company to rank above your competitors in the organic search engine rankings; there are different techniques to make this happen.

When you hire an SEO company in Shropshire, you can have confidence that they will be on top of the latest trends so that they can effectively optimise your digital marketing. They will start with keyword research and analysis of your competition to come up with a strategy to raise your company’s rank. Next, they will keep ranking reports to show how your site improves over the campaign.

These professionals will ensure that your content increases relevance for your business through keywords, titles, headers, and metadata. In addition, they will be able to use backlinks and citations to increase the trustworthiness of your site. SEO is a powerful tool and having an SEO expert help you will deliver results for your business.

Web Design

Your website is critical to your online marketing. It needs to work and look great on all devices. Digital marketing professionals know how to make sure that your website is mobile friendly. They use WordPress to create sites because it is so SEO friendly. In addition, they will build an ecommerce site so that your customers can make purchases easily and quickly.

If your website is not performing for you, you are missing out on potential leads. The reality is that in today’s environment, you need to reach as many people as possible and digital marketing experts know exactly what to do. They stay current with all of the latest secrets to getting your website to rank higher than your competitors. This will translate into leads and conversions for you.

Social Media

One of the great things about social media marketing is that you can promote your company’s products and services to an audience that is already likely to want what you sell. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are widely used today and others are being developed all the time.

In addition, you can use social media to engage your existing customers. This is a great way to stay in touch with them about upcoming events and promotions. You can also give them an opportunity to provide feedback. These actions help to develop your brand name and create trust and a positive reputation, which will translate to new customers for your company.

Content Writing

Content writing should be informative and original. It is key to your SEO and user experience (UX) success. Different companies have content in different places, such as a blog, a home page, or on category pages. You need content writing to reach your full potential with Google.

A digital marketing firm has experienced content writers who know exactly what the content should be. When you allow an expert to create your content, you can be sure that the information on your website is original, relevant, interesting, and maximised for SEO.

For example, your product descriptions need to explain why a customer should buy the product but they also need to have the right keywords to rank high in search engines. While you may be able to write a great product description, you need people to see it so that they learn about your product. That is where content writing can be so helpful.

Final Thoughts

Digital marketing is necessary for success in the world today. There are many different pieces to it that need to blend seamlessly together in a marketing campaign. If you want to maximise your reach, you can hire these professionals to put together a comprehensive digital campaign to generate leads and boost sales.

When you combine SEO with web design, content writing, and a social media campaign, you can effectively interact with current customers, build brand loyalty, and extend your reach to build your brand name. Brand recognition is known to drive sales and when you develop a positive image of your brand, people will have confidence buying your products and services. Digital marketing experts will help you achieve these goals.

Marketing Strategy

E commerce metrices and KPI’s

Have you ever wondered why successful sites are getting high ranking among the visitors? Why people prefer to visit the site? It is just because the business owner keeps a track on his site. He keeps checking on eCommerce metrics and KPIs to determine the weakness that the site has. In this way, he does amendments and brings implementations so that the site remains appealing for the audience. Now you may be thinking what are the eCommerce metrics that site owners use to keep the site on track. Some of these are

Online visibility of the site

The primary factor that plays a role in providing success to the site is its visibility among the audience. The site owner uses various factors like customer lifetime value CLV to determine purchase and buying ratios of the product. There are various ways to check the visibility of the site. It includes the Google Adwords, googles keyword planner and other sources to check out the frequency of visit at a particular time.

Tracking through social media

One of the common metrics is the Facebook metric that defines the display of your ad on the site. It determines the frequency that is a number of times your ad is served to your audience. The type of metrics depends on the impression, cost per impression, frequency and cost per person reached to the site.

Number of audience and influencers reaching to the site

Another important thing that paly a role in taking the online business is the checking of influencers that reach your site. The key factors involved are the size of the email list at a particular time plus the number of readers visiting or interacting with ads.

Otganic Metrics traffic

It is the number of traffic coming from a particular search engine. If your audience is reaching your site with Google then you have to use the Google console that will determine the total number of clicks, the examination of CTR and an average ranking of your website. It has become the need of hour that along with using the SEO tools the site must use the metric to determine the rate of visitors to get know how that how successful is website in the search engine rating. Therefore, e commerce business people use these important tools to keep check in their business.

Checking online transactions

It is the best means to determine the success of the online store. It will help you checking the AOV and help you understand8ng that how your customers will interact with your site

There are many other e-commerce matrices that companies apply and get benefits from them. Social media metrics are helping the business owner in a positive way. Most people now use social media sites and they find it easy to get interact with their favorite brand through social media sites. In this way, brands now use this metric so one can improve the number of followers, learn the weakness of his business and improve the level.

The e-commerce metrics are key to success. Online sites now use these key technique to stay high in the internet world. If they ignore these then it will be difficult for them to get success and maintain their site-level among the audience.


Marketing Strategy

SEO Basics For Your Digital Marketing Efforts

Learning the basics of search engine optimization is essential to creating digital content that matters.  Without views, the things you toss into digital space may as well not exist.

You want to be as visible to the public as possible when you launch your online marketing campaign, and SEO is the foundational key to your success.

Learn how to give Google search algorithms what they seek, and find your digital marketing content on the top of the search engine results pages.  Read on to start your educational journey, and check out some SEO basics for your digital marketing campaign.

Research proper keywords and phrases

The keywords and phrases you use within the text of your digital marketing content are used to relay the subject matter of your content to Google search algorithms.

If you don’t clearly spell out the purpose of your content, it may not index as well as it could have otherwise.  Learn to create an ideal keyword saturation within your text body, and get into the minds of web users as you choose your target consumer.

Work to build a network of backlinks

Search engine optimization has a lot to do with the competency rating of your content.  Building an intricate collection of backlinks tells Google that there are many different websites (or web users) who trust the information you post.

It will raise your domain authority rating with Google, and your placement in the search engine results pages will improve.

Include high-quality images/videos

Low-quality images or video will slow down the loading capability of your digital content.  High-quality images or videos in your content show proficiency and clear direction in your marketing.  It’s also helpful to condense the files, so your content doesn’t take any longer to load.

Be thorough with your metadata

Even if you’re following a simple template or format to build your website, you need to make certain you spend time filling in the metadata.

The metadata is the hidden information that describes images and offers extra listing information for web users to read.  A quick description of what searchers will find when they land on your website helps to draw web users into your pages.

Mobile-friendly content gets a rank boost

This is the decade when mobile web users took over the majority online.  Your digital content isn’t nearly as effective as it could be without mobile optimization.  Always create marketing content that appeals to mobile web users.

One long-standing effective method of mobile marketing for business is the QR code.  Adding QR codes to products gives your business a new opportunity to reach out to consumers in a digital manner.

Marketing Strategy

Fine Tune Your Digital Marketing Strategy With These Helpful Tips

If you’re still having trouble dialing in your digital marketing strategy, you’re not the only one.  Digital marketing is an ever-changing practice that takes someone who is willing to stay on top of things to create success.  

Your business really needs at least one professional whose job is entirely devoted to formulating your operation’s digital marketing plans.  

Stay well-versed in the language of digital marketing to find success in your endeavours.  Here is a brief look at a few helpful tips to boost your techniques today.  

Maintain a well-written blog 

Whether your business is based online or brick-and-mortar, building a well-written collection of blog posts is a great marketing strategy.  Consistent updates keep readers coming back for more information, and competent content makes your business a more trusted source.  

Your business blog should contain posts with subjects that are relevant to your particular industry.  Take this blog featuring concrete pump truck information.  The blog posts fall in line with the business hosting the site.  

Include social media in your plans

Social media is a crucial part of any successful digital marketing plan.  If you’re not working the social media circuits, then you’re not getting the most out of your digital marketing efforts.  

Add social media sharing icons to your digital content.  Go a step further, and build a profile for your business on the most relevant social media channels.  Do some research to figure out where your target audience spends most of their time and set up shop on those social media platforms.  

Recon businesses like your own

It helps to do a little marketing recon on businesses in your industry.  Check out what’s working for other operations like your own, and create new ways to incorporate methods you find along the way.  

Create SEO-friendly content

Search engine optimization should work as a foundational aspect of your digital marketing efforts.  Weave the concepts of SEO into every piece of content your business distributes, so people can actually find what you disburse.  

Always aim to please mobile users

Your digital content is barely effective if it’s not optimized for mobile use.  Mobile users are the majority online.  Your content should work well with a range of devices, and the display should easily shift to fit any size screen.  

Use analytical tools to track progress

You can put forth a great marketing effort, but you have to keep an eye on its effectiveness.  

Use the analytical tools placed before you to keep track of what is working and what isn’t working within your marketing techniques.  

When you have a clear picture of what marketing efforts are making the most impact, you can more effectively direct your efforts.