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Hers is a Loan Against Property Checklist for Guaranteed Approval

Loan against property (LAP) is a secured personal loan and stands up to its name by providing you easy funds against your property that is held as collateral to the bank or a non-banking finance company (NBFC). Lenders loan you the amount depending on the value of the property and could be used as the borrower wants. Loan against property can be taken against commercial, residential or industrial properties. And only once you have paid off the loan do you get the property back. If not, the lender has the right to auction the property to recover the dues.

As its name itself suggests, a loan against property, i.e, a loan in exchange for property, is a loan that is either owned by the applicant or its guarantor, usually owned by the parent. In return for the value of the property. This property is mortgaged, which means that the documents and legal ownership of the property remain with the bank until the loan is repaid.

The money comes with no end usage restriction, so the borrowers are free to spend the money however they want, such as financing one’s education, wedding expenses, handling medical bills, and other family emergencies and personal needs. As good as it gets, you still need to fulfill the criteria to become eligible for the loan. These eligibility criteria help you to get guaranteed approval on the loan. And the most important thing is that the property on which you are availing for a loan must have registered on your name or family member. Hence, before applying for the loan here is a checklist that will help you for instant approval go through this.

Below Are The Standard Eligibility Criteria & Documents Required For Loan:


Here are the eligibility criteria required for the approval of the loan against property.

  1. You must be a residing Indian citizen.
  2. You need to be of a particular age group as per your lender.
  3. You should have a steady source of income, and for salaried individuals, especially, you should be working in an MNC, the public sector or a private company.
  4. You should have a credit score of 700 and more. They play a significant role in the whole process as they signify how creditworthy you are.
  5. You are only eligible for the loan as long as you own the property put up as collateral. You don’t have the authority over a place that you live in on rent or any unused piece of land.
  6. Keep the title of the property clear and marketable, meaning there should be no existing mortgage or loan that could affect the title of the property adversely.
  7. Make sure that your credit and repayment history are clean and have no faults.
  8. Location of the property you wish to mortgage matters. You would want to have it approved by the lender for smooth progress.
  9. You should have clear records and documents of both personal and the mortgaged property to avail loan against property.


The borrower needs to make sure to have all the documents asked by the lender in check and updated. Submission of wrong or faulty documents can jeopardize your chance at availing the loan.

  1. A recent photograph on the application form
  2. Proof of identity like Voter Id card, PAN Card, passport, driving license
  3. Address proof such as Ration card, PAN card, passport etc.
  4. Age proof such as PAN Card, Passport
  5. Bank statements of the previous 6 months
  6. Latest salary slips
  7. Form 16
  8. Income tax returns from the last 3 years
  9. Processing fee cheque
  10. Copies of all the documents of the ‘to be mortgaged’ property
  11. Audited financials of the last 2 years

There are different eligibility criteria for a salaried individual, self- employed or an SME. Various financial institutions provide customers with a convenient and transparent process. Theses loan against property eligibility criteria differs from financial institutions. With easy and quick loan disbursals, they make the customers a priority and offer customized loans to suit their needs. Their Loan against Property EMI Calculator helps you have a preview of your monthly budgets by determining the EMIs of your loan. If you match the above eligibility criteria and provide the correct required documents you will get guaranteed approval on the loan.

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Why Movers And Packers Are Comfort Over Other?

Normally, the relocation is one of process and that are transfers the goods from one place to another place. It is not a simple process to relocate without professional help. And also people are getting stress while the shifting process. Therefore you need the guidance of professional packers and movers. No worries, the best packers and movers pune always help you to relocate with on your budget.

The packers and movers are trusted ones to hire over other choices. This is the most useful option to hire the service. The experts are having years of expertise in this particular field. So they are given better and satisfying service to you. Today these removal services are playing an important role among other choices. The relocation process is simply affecting your work, in order to reduce the effort you have to use the service of the packers.

What are the uses of packers and movers services?

By hiring the packers and movers service you can just avoid all kinds of issues and tension. The experts are given the first-class service to customers within your budget rate. The professional is having the ability to provide all kinds of relocation such as residential, commercial, and others. The relocation process takes more time, right? But by using the professional packer’s service, you can reach your new destination on time.

The packer’s service is to maintain the customer reputations easily. The team members are always trying to gains a good relationship with the customers. If you want to get a hassle-free service, then it is a must to hire professional service. Surely the professional service satisfies the people. The experts offer all services by using different strategies. Without any interruption, the experts offer relocation services from one state to state as well.

Packers and movers are always willing to provide better service for customers. And you can get the service of the packers 24/7. Otherwise, people can easily book the service on one phone call or email. Hiring the packers and movers pune is one of the better destinations for removal service. Therefore utilize the service without fail. Once after using the service, you can understand the worth by yourself easily.

What are the benefits of the packer’s service?

The professionals are offers packing, unpacking, wrapping, moving, loading, and many more services to customers. The experts are handling the entire process in various ways and that why people prefer the packer’s service always. Once you are handover the relocation process to packers and movers, then they are taken care of everything to reach the destination. The relocation is not a simple task, but the packers and movers are having able to gives damage-free service to customers.

Otherwise, no one can handle the household items alone, but the experts are making the relocation professionally. Therefore start to use the service and gains wonderful experiences. The packers are covers the process from heavy load to small piece of furniture as well.

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Why there is a need for having an effective business domain

With the advent of technology, the people nowadays are highly inclining towards online support to search for their required products and services. Thus, the businesses those who have a domain name to represent their services over the web are a part of the competition in the corporate market. The domain names are a higher priority than you might suspect. There are available domains for sale over the internet from where you can pick up the suitable one. When you are about to start your business you will discover that a major piece of the entire picture would be its online portrayal. It’s one of the numerous things on the list of the tasks to be done but it has an integral role. These days, everybody rushes to the web for help, particularly when they have to discover something, regardless of whether to find out some information about a particular topic or a specific item. Therefore, if you need to reap the benefit from your venture, you will be requiring an effectively designed website, which would be created by choosing the appropriate domain name for your business.

The domain names serve an essential showcasing of the substance that we can discover on a specific website. A short, unique and appealing domain name can have a major effect in its future achievement.

The adequate selection of the domain name is crucial therefore, at the point when you experience the investigation for the domain name you should take as much time as necessary. Remember that new areas are enrolled constantly. The counterparts are furious, and this is actually why you must be imaginative in the event that you need your business to be a successful one. The catchier would be your domain name, the better possibilities for it to become well known rapidly in the corporate market. Thus it is advisable to stick to something short that could be effortlessly spelt and could be recalled by your clients.

Why benefits it may bring to your organization!

Let’s talk about the prime benefits that could be gained by having an effective domain name:

  1. Credibility

By possessing a domain name for your organization make you stand out the box among the counterparts. The domain name aid in developing a professional image of your business in the market, and certainly it is a prime contributing factor in the elevation of the sales and the traffic on your business profile.  Whereas the usage of the general web addresses is not much effective as compared to the domain name. if in case the company is having a generic address, the customers would certainly think that the company is not even capable of investing the required funds in their business, hence the products and the services offered by the company would also be of the low-grade quality.

  1. Convenience for the customers

A perfect domain name is considered as the means of ease for the customers to type and to remember as compared to the generic addresses. This, in turn, would undoubtedly become a prominent aspect of the success of your business. The people always find it easier to search for the commodities online rather than stepping out of their homes to shop or to enquire about the related products and the services. By having the online business listing you may be able to allure that traffic towards your website, which would assist in emerging the sales volume of the products being offered to the general public by your organization.

Also, it should be kept in mind not to include the slangs or the typical words in the name of your business. The concrete reason behind this fact is that such words are tough to recall, thus the customers would likely to forget it in the near future, which would surely be a reason for the less number of growing sales. The overall business growth could also be hampered because of the less interest shown by the customers in your products and services.

  1. Choosing the appropriate TLD

The TLD stands for the Top Level Domain, which is nothing but the extension if the domain name of your organization. The most commonly used TLD’s are .com, .net, .org and so forth. The average level businessmen do not emphasize much over choosing the best TLD for his business, but in order to have a great impact on the customers, the TLD’s should be chosen wisely.

All in all, considering the above-mentioned facts about the naming process of the organizations, the overall process could seem to be complicated. However, extensive research and profound knowledge may assist in choosing the appropriate name for any organization that would undoubtedly be beneficial for the company in the long run. One may rely upon the available online resources for such as the business name generators, to pick a creative business name.

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5 SMS Marketing Tactics to Capture New Leads and Convert to Sales

Brands are always looking to target customers wherever they may be. They use TV advertisements to reach consumers when they are at home and set up billboard advertisements to promote products to people when they are outdoors.

However, there is one unique marketing channel that can be used to target customers wherever they may be. This channel has been around for decades and is still widely used by marketers across the globe. We are of course referring to SMS marketing.

The vast majority of consumers in the modern era have access to cell phones. No matter how primitive a person’s mobile device may be, it is still capable of sending and receiving text messages. This makes SMS a powerful marketing channel with a wide reach.

When used effectively, SMS marketing campaigns can be used to capture new leads and boost lead conversions. However, many marketers fail to utilize the full potential of SMS in their marketing campaigns.

Here are some SMS marketing tactics that can be used to capture new leads and convert them to boost sales.

1.Sending out SMS messages at the right time

Studies have found that 90% of SMS marketing messages are opened within 3 minutes of receiving them. This means marketers need to target customers at the time of day when they are comfortably reading your messages and engaging with your promotions.

Researchers have found that the best time to send out SMS messages on weekdays and weekends is between noon and 3 pm. This is the window of time in which people are most likely to check their phones and read their messages.

However, businesses in the restaurant industry may have more success with sending out SMS texts between 5 pm and 7 pm, as people are more likely to ponder about eating dinner during this window.

Sending marketing messages outside work hours used to be a challenge for marketers. However, brands can now use the services of a marketing automation agency to schedule and deliver SMS messages at their desired time without inconveniencing their marketing employees.

2.     Including a call to action

Effective SMS marketing campaigns usually include a call to action (CTA) that draws customer attention and encourages them to engage with the brand.

The best CTAs are short and simple lines added at the end of messages, such as “click here to learn more” or “buy now at URL!”. Recipients are also more likely to follow your CTA if it conveys a sense of urgency, so your message should include a limited time offer that expires soon.

Marketers can also send out a variety of SMS messages with different CTAs to learn which type of CTA is most effective at generating leads and increasing conversions. This is a trial and error process that has the potential to boost sales when performed correctly, so marketers should pay close attention to the CTA they are using in their SMS marketing campaigns.

3.     Segmentation

Brands that segment their customers tend to be more successful at marketing to their target audience. This segmentation could be based on their customer’s age, location, areas of interest, or their purchase history with the brand.

Once marketers have broken down their target audience into well-defined segments, they can send each segment a unique SMS message that caters to their specific interests. Consumers are more responsive to these marketing campaigns as they are created with their tastes and areas of interest in mind.

Marketers can segment their audience with an analytics tool such as Google Analytics, and roll out their marketing campaigns using an SMS gateway on a computer. This approach is easier and more effective than doing everything on your cell phone.

4.     SMS bots

Message recipients often have questions about your brand and its products. Some companies use live agents to respond to these text messages questions in real-time, but having staff on-hand 24/7 to answer these questions can be expensive.

Instead, brands can use automated SMS bots to provide customers with efficient responses to their queries. Traditional SMS bots could provide customers with only predetermined general answers to their questions, but modern SMS bots can give more specific answers to a wider variety of questions.

You can boost your conversion rate by using SMS bots to address customer queries and concerns instantly, so consider using these bots if SMS campaigns are a major part of your marketing strategy.

5.     Using the right frequency of interaction

Most people don’t sign up to receive SMS messages from advertisers, so your SMS marketing may be perceived as annoying or intrusive if your messages are being sent too frequently. Effective SMS marketing includes knowing when to reach out to customers and knowing when to hold back to avoid losing your leads.

Research has found that SMS marketing campaigns fare best when they send customers 10 – 12 messages per month. This frequency is high enough to maintain the attention of recipients, but not high enough to be considered a nuisance.

Marketers may be able to send customers more messages if they have responded positively to earlier SMS campaigns. But they should still be careful about spamming them with too many messages in a short amount of time.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways for marketers to draw in leads and boost their conversions with the help of SMS marketing campaigns. Your campaigns may not see much success at first, but you can fine-tune your approach over time through trial and error.

Be sure to use analytics tools to track the performance of your campaigns and revise your future marketing strategies based on the knowledge gained from your earlier campaigns.

SMS marketing will continue to be an important marketing channel in the future, so businesses of all sizes should familiarize themselves with these marketing tactics.

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Programmatic TV: The Future of Video Advertising

Change is one of the most constant factors in almost everything. It is especially more constant in the technology sphere. Through constant innovations, new ways of doing things keep coming up, rendering previously successful methods and techniques redundant and outdated. It is thus necessary to keep abreast with changes in your industry for you to remain competitive. The wind of change has recently hit the TV advertising sector. Thanks to technological advancements, programmatic TV is now replacing traditional TV advertising.

Programmatic TV buying companies make this an automated and data-driven approach to buying and delivering advertisements against traditional video content on TV. It includes adverts on the web, connected TVs, mobile devices, as well as linear TV through set-top boxes.

Television advertising has always been lucrative. While traditional TV ad models have been working, the new trend brings a new dimension to advertising. The method is precise in targeting specific consumer trends to drive the return on investment on media spend higher. It is based on data about consumer segments. The data helps advertisers target individual households. Advertisers purchase TV ads from cable and satellite companies and send them to households based on their consumption patterns.

Programmatic advertising works on the premise of automated ad selling and buying via a unified platform for all channels. The technology allows for real-time bidding for video impressions. Multiple advertisers place their bids for the unique impression simultaneously with the leading bid placed in real-time to the targeted viewer.

Programmatic TV brings precise targets, which enhances the relevancy of ads. Since it is based on consumer data, the ads are more relevant to each demographic or household, reflecting their lifestyles or spending habits. This precision and relevancy makes it the future of video advertising. Hence, advertisers need to pay attention and position themselves to take advantage of the future opportunities it presents. With the current growth projections, it would be unwise not to pay attention to this developing trend away from traditional TV advertising.

The trajectory of programmatic advertising has been upward for the past few years. This growth is projected to continue into the future with spend expected to exceed $70 billion by the end of 2020 with the TV share of this spend being over $5 billion. The positive trajectory has been due to the success of programmatic advertising. The trend has caused an increase in cord cutting, with people discontinuing their traditional viewing channels. As the trend grows, more people are bound to disconnect from their corded subscriptions for traditional TV.

Some may ask, “Why programmatic Advertising?” Well, programmatic advertising offers more than traditional TV advertising. First, it is data-driven, meaning that it uses the data to determine the consumer behavior. That helps in identifying the target audience for specific ads. That way, it is more efficient as the ads target audiences most likely to respond to the ads. Secondly, the targeting capabilities of programmatic advertising make it cheaper than traditional television advertising. Since the ads are precise and specific to target audiences, advertisers spend less unlike traditional methods that require more spending with no specific target audience.

Great businesses have the ability to adapt fast to changing environments. It is imperative for you to keep abreast with changes for you to constantly enjoy the advantages of technology. Traditional TV has proved inefficient when it comes to advertising in this new age. Thus, it must give way to new, better and efficient methods of advertising. With more and more people disconnecting from traditional TV channels, programmatic advertising is gaining traction at an even faster rate. Advertisers must therefore adapt or risk becoming obsolete.

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How Can The Photo Stick Mobile Streamline Your Workflow?

In today’s media-centric world, it is almost impossible to conduct a business without taking pictures and recording video content on a near daily basis. Whether you record images and video for documentation purposes, research, social media marketing, or for any other reason, smart phones have become the go to camera of choice for many business owners. There are, of course, limitations that exist when using a mobile device to both create digital content and store it.

One of the main issues that many people have is the amount of storage available for storing digital content. Even with devices having storage capacity on the higher end of the spectrum, that storage becomes increasingly limited the longer that device is in use. It can be a hassle to backup or move pictures and video from a mobile device, as well, which leads many smartphone owners to wait until their phones are completely full before spending hours moving and organizing all their digital media.

The time spent managing photos and video can and should be spent in more productive ways, especially in cases where persons success depends on efficiency. photo stick comes with many benefits that could help streamline a person’s workflow.

One of the main benefits is how easy ThePhotoStick Mobile is to use. In most cases, all that is required to get a full backup of all digital content is to simply plug the device into your smart phone or tablet. Using a dedicated app, ThePhotoStick Mobile can handle the entire data management workflow in just a few short steps. Files can be backed up, reviewed within the app, restored, and organized with the simple options presented within the app. Whether you use ThePhotoStick Mobile to create regular backups of your files, locate photos and videos that are not in the normal folders within your device, or to keep things organized, this device is one which can truly save you time.

Once ThePhotoStick Mobile has done its work, the only thing left to do the plug the device into a computer where the files can be transferred into more robust storage locations, such as hard drives and cloud storage options.

Depending on your needs, there are several different versions of ThePhotoStick Mobile to choose from, as well as promotional offers for anyone looking to buy more than one at a time. Storage sizes range from 16 GB to 128 GB for both platforms and purchasing ThePhotoStick Mobile impacts up to three rings down the price of each device considerably. In selecting the right size storage for your needs, you should consider both the size, as well as how often you take pictures and record video. Getting a photo stick with the larger storage capacity will allow you more time between computer upload days.

For anyone looking for simple solution to a complicated and time-consuming problem, ThePhotoStick Mobile tics a lot of boxes in terms of user-friendliness, convenience, and affordability. The photos to is no larger than a standard USB drive making this photo management system more portable than virtually everything else on the market today and is certainly a device many could benefit from.

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Nonbank Lenders to Consider Now that the PPP is Up and Running Again

Not many small businesses benefited from the first round of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP). According to a report on PPP activity released on May 1, loans worth more than $2 million accounted for about 1.5% of the total loans, eating up nearly 25% of the allocated $310 billion. In the end, the average loan size was $206,000, locking out most small businesses.

If you’re one of the many SMBs that were left out, you’ll be glad to know that the second round of the program is here. An additional $310 billion has been set aside to help businesses – and this time, every effort is being made to reach vulnerable small businesses.

First off, the average loan size will be smaller, meaning that the fund can reach more SMBs. Better still, $60 billion of the new $310 billion has been specifically reserved for smaller, nonbank lenders that typically cater to companies with fewer resources.

Top Nonbank Lenders to Consider

If you’ve not applied for the loans yet, it would be highly recommendable to consider these nonbank lenders as it significantly increases your chance of getting approved. The following are some of the best options to consider;

  1. PayPal Holdings: PayPal Holdings was one of the first nonbank institutions to be approved for the PPP program. The digital lender is working with WebBank to process the payments.
  2. Square Capital: Although Square Capital is best known for Point-of-Sale software, the company has also been approved to process loan applications under the PPP program. You, however, need a Square account to apply.
  3. BlueVine: BlueVine is accepting applications for PPP loans for any type of small business, regardless of your industry, and submitting qualified applications to the SBA.
  4. FountainHead: FountainHead is a nonbank lender approved to make SBA 7(a) loans. You can lodge your loan request online and follow up on the progress through their website.
  5. OnDeck: OnDeck says that it may prioritize existing customers when processing PPP loans. So, if you’re a customer, it would be a good idea to make your application through them.
  6. Lendistry: This Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) is submitting PPP loan applications in at least 12 states, including its home state California.
  7. Funding Circle: Funding Circle is another very reputable online market place, and now one of the preferred PPP nonbank lenders.
  8. FAM: Finally, you can also apply for a paycheck protection program loan through the ever-reliable FAM.

Several other nonbank lenders have been approved to process PPP loans, but the seven above stand out for being tried and tested. These lenders also disburse PPP funds much faster, typically within ten days of approval.

AUTHOR BIO: Michael Hollis is a Detroit native who now lives in Los Angeles. He is an account executive who has helped hundreds of business owners with their merchant cash advance solutions. He’s experimented with various occupations: computer programming, dog-training, scientificating… But his favorite job is the one he’s now doing full time — providing business funding for hard working business owners across the country.

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The Importance of Crunchbase Profiles in 2020

For many professionals working in the fields of finance and technology, particularly those who are pursuing entrepreneurial goals, managing profiles on platforms such as AngelList, CrunchBase, and LinkedIn should not be seen simply as the cost of doing business. Those who make a living raising capital and starting new ventures are basically expected to present stories that are compelling and consistent across the three platforms, particularly if they have successful events to report.

If we decide to be completely pragmatic and even crass about this topic, the sole reason professional online profiles exist is to increase the potential of future earnings, but it is unreasonable to think a LinkedIn profile by itself will land someone a lucrative job. In the case of CrunchBase, there is more of a branding angle, and it is not for everyone. CrunchBase started off as a repository of information about tech startups that received news coverage on; these days, just about anyone can submit a profile for review and acceptance by the community of moderators, but it is not a good fit for all professionals or companies.

Local business providers are better off with profiles on Google My Business. The technology sector is better served by CrunchBase, but professionals who work in finance should also think about keeping profiles in this platform. The same goes for companies that operate in the digital media, e-commerce, and consulting services.

The verification process is one of the strengths of CrunchBase; unlike LinkedIn, which relies on business connections for vetting new profiles, the CrunchBase method involves more of a human touch. Creating a new account for yourself or your business is free, but it must be evaluated before it is displayed. Similar to LinkedIn, there are personal and business listings that can be connected. Let’s say you are a mergers and acquisitions consultant who operates a private consulting firm; in this case, you can create one profile for your company in addition to a personal profile so that they can be connected.

There are no limits with regard to how much information you can provide on CrunchBase. If you are a company founder, be sure to include this on your profile. If board members are already listed on CrunchBase, don’t forget to connect them. Events, press references, and key employees should also be listed. Finally, you can also link a verified Twitter account so that your social media activity can be displayed on the profile.

As for search engine optimization, Google tends to like CrunchBase even though links generated therein are the “nofollow” kind. Aside from SEO, the branding strength of CrunchBase can be found in the News and Activity section. As you can see in this Crunchbase profile, related news articles are chronologically listed in descending order, and this is not just for the benefit of the Google search engine crawler; business journalists are constantly searching CrunchBase for research purposes, and this can go a long way in terms of branding.

In the end, a CrunchBase profile is not a replacement for LinkedIn, but it is highly recommended for individuals and companies operating in the financial and technology sectors in 2020.

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Why You Should Use A Small Business Tax Software?

Are you struggling with your taxation? Do you want to file tax returns appropriately? Throw away the hassle of calculations and troubles caused by errors by using small business tax software. Many companies rely on manual taxation. Some of them get help from professional accountants while others do it on their own. Anyone conducting business on any scale can leave the traditional ways and get help from the modern-day technology. Today, we are going to discuss the tax software and why you should be using them more often than not.

What is taxation software?

Expert programmers have worked in collaboration with the accountants to come up with the modern-day taxation software. The purpose is to speed up the process and automate it as much as possible. These programs automatically perform the tax calculations for your business and come up with the deductions that will assist you in filing the income, corporate, and other tax returns.

So, you get to stay away from the traditional hassle of tax calculation and filing. These programs are efficient and minimalize the errors, reducing human errors, and speeding up the flow to a great extent.

Why you should use tax software?

There are many reasons why one should be using these programs. Some of them are listed below.

Saves time

When you go for manual tax processing, whether you do it on your own or you get help from a professional accountant, the process requires time. Humans are unable to process the information as quickly as a computer. So, when it comes to doing the calculations and dealing with the numbers, you are certainly better off with a computer program. It saves you a lot of time and makes you more productive.

Reduced cost

Many people hire professionals to do the job of tax return filing. It can be a decent option but it certainly comes at a cost. Considering that you are a small business, you might be unable to afford a good accountant. So, trying a good small business tax software can come very hand. They are available to you at reasonable prices, with some even offering support regarding the use of different tools given in the program. Thus, you can get the tax return and other details in an instant while spending less money than you would when you hire a professional accountant.

Better accuracy

When you use software, it is operating on a given set of rules. The programmers have set in particular functions and formulas using which the computer is asked to perform various calculations. Now, it will work only when there is any given information and as the calculations are done automatically based on the preset formulas and functions there are less chances that an error may occur. So, the calculation errors are minimized and you get more accurate information regarding your taxation and payments.

Keep records

Most of the taxation software provides you a chance to keep records of your previous tax filings at one place. So, in case of an audit, you can easily switch to your software and get the details regarding your payments and returns in an instant. Also, as everything is on the computer, probably on the cloud storage if you are using modern-day tax software, you can easily keep the records with an option to access them from anywhere you like.

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Ways to Reduce Your Business’ Operating Expenses

Some commercial enterprises struggle to pay ongoing expenses that become increasingly higher over time. Instead of being rewarded for years of being loyal clients to a vendor or service provider, they may find that their costs keep increasing while new customers receive better prices and promotional offers. Some commercial businesses mistakenly believe that they’re stuck with a service provider simply because they have a strong foothold in a particular service area. However, employee monitoring is important to periodically bid out all of your service contracts. You may be surprised to learn that you have more options than you think. Here are three often overlooked operating expenses that you should evaluate.

Waste Management and Recycling

Commercial business’ waste control and recycling programs often represent a significant percentage of their operating budget. In addition to waste disposal, compactor and dumpster service and repair can be inordinately costly. Also, when different types of waste or recycling materials are accidentally comingled, you may even face additional high fees. However, good alternative waste management solutions in your area may be able to offer you competitive rates and help you establish systems that promote consistent proper disposal of your commercial waste materials. To get the best possible rates, it’s preferable to work with a provider who specifically caters to commercial clients rather than a provider who predominantly serves residential customers.

Internet and Telephone Service

Internet and telephone companies often tend to gradually raise their rates over time, so you may find it necessary to shop around prior to the expiration of your contract. Ideally, you should start the process of securing other quotes three months before your current contract expires. If you’re not currently under contract, you may be able to get a better rate from your current internet provider by calling your individual account manager or the provider’s customer retention department and explaining that you are considering terminating services due to your concerns about costs.


Many businesses incorrectly assume that they have only one option for their energy needs. Sometimes energy companies attach the name of a state or a municipality to create the impression that they’re only game in town. However, the energy marketplace is continually expanding. New and independent providers are able to offer competitive rates and programs that can help you save on your monthly energy expenses. In addition, incorporating renewable energy equipment into your business’ infrastructure can help reduce your energy usage while making your business’ operations more environmentally friendly.