Automotive Careers For People Who Love Cars

Automotive Careers

If you’re an automobile fanatic, there’s nothing better than getting paid to work with cars.  Finding a career that centers around your love for various vehicles will give you something to look forward to every day before work.  

You may need a little help getting the gears in your mind to work properly, and we’re here to help.  Here is a brief look at a few options for people looking for a career in the automotive industry.  

Get a job at a car dealership

Working at a car dealership doesn’t always mean that you’re a salesman.  There are many different positions in a working car dealership.  

Most dealerships have their own car wash, mechanical center, and sales floor, so there are several different opportunities for car enthusiasts to experience different makes and models and get their foot in the door.  Step into the industry, and see a slew of vehicles by working at a local car dealership.  

You could be a mechanic 

Learning to work with your hands will get you a good position as a mechanic in the automobile industry.  Mechanical specialists get paid a pretty penny, and you will work with all types of vehicles in your career.  

You’ll also gain the opportunity to fix your own car when things go wrong, saving you lots of money over time.  The schooling for the career is relatively brief, so you won’t spend ten years paying for overpriced classes either.  

Work at a rental agency

Working for a car rental agency like Enterprise or Hertz will give you the opportunity to drive and experience the newest cars on the market.  Rental agencies get cars right off of the assembly line, so you know you’ll get to see some great gadgets and upgrades.  

Work on an assembly line

If you live in the right place, you can likely find a job working at a vehicle manufacturer.  You can be a part of making the vehicles, and assembly workers make good money. The environment is filled with loud noises and workable metal, so any gear head would be happy to be a part of it.  

You could be a tire technician

Working as a tire technician grants you the opportunity to see a wide range of vehicles.  You’ll just be fixing the “feet” of the vehicle, but that doesn’t mean you won’t have a chance to enjoy the rest of the build while you work.  

Work as a valet driver

A position as a valet driver doesn’t take years of college.  It’s a great way to get close to some fine automobiles while you put yourself through college.  You can make pretty decent money as a valet driver, and it’s not difficult to get your foot in the door.