Fencing FAQS: Answering Important Questions About Fence Hire

Fence Hire

Fence hire is an integral part of many Australian industries. Whether you’re building a brand new property, a refreshing new pool or require a crowd control solution for a festival, this is one of the best ways to ensure everyone’s safety!

But it’s not only safety that makes high quality fence hire imperative: it’s a legally required aspect of many Australian industries, including that of construction and events.

With all this in mind, let’s take a look at some of your important questions regarding this essential element of Australian industry:

Who uses temporary fencing?

Temporary fencing is an important part of numerous Australian industries, ensuring the safety of company staff and the general public across numerous applications.

This includes:

Construction: It is legally required for construction companies to hire temporary fencing to surround their construction works. These solutions are imperative for construction firms for multiple reasons, including keeping the general public safe from wayward machinery and debris, keeping thieves out of the property and keeping unsuspecting public away from entering a place that can often be quite dangerous.

Pool building: Like the construction industry, temporary fencing is legally required for pool building, and there are no points for guessing why. In the past, many accidents occurred from people falling into incomplete pools, and an unfilled pool can be incredibly dangerous for infants. Therefore, temporary fencing is imperative to ensuring the safety of the people occupying the location before the pool can be completed.

Events: Aussie events would be a complete (and dangerous) nightmare without temporary fencing solutions. Imagine thousands of punters trying to enter Falls Festival without temporary fencing helping facilitate the entrance queues? It would be a complete and utter mess, and one that can quickly turn to chaos. For this, temporary fencing is an imperative part of helping event staff keep things orderly (not to mention keep out the ticketless scoundrels!).

Demolitions: There is absolutely no way the demolitions industry would be able to operate without first class temporary fencing. Imagine the danger of running this kind of operation without the ability to keep people out of harm’s way – it would be madness to allow this industry to run without it!

Is it better to rent or buy temporary fencing?

It depends on how regularly you need the solution. Obviously, Australian organisations across all of the above industries benefit from first class fence hire, as they may not have the space or the continual need to house fencing in a storage centre. For this, temporary fencing can be the most economic and efficient method for fencing solutions.

If your business doesn’t have the space or constant need for temporary fencing then we fully recommend renting it on a case-by-case basis.

How long will it take to deliver the solution?

A high quality temporary fencing provider should be able to provide same-day delivery. This same-day delivery can be included as a standalone delivery or as part of a package that includes onsite assessment and engineering design from the company’s trusted staff.

Is the system designed for easy installation?

Yes, with a fully welded and galvanised finish, you can be sure that temporary fencing is designed for easy installation. You and your team will have little trouble installing a high quality temporary fencing solution, especially if you’ve had some experience doing so in the past. For this reason, galvanised and fully welded temporary fencing is one of the best options for many Aussie industries looking to ensure the safety of staff and the general public.