How to Handle Budgets for Your Business Easily and Efficiently?


Small scale ventures see more expenses than revenue. They are in a stage where a lot of investment is needed. Such capital infusion will later act as a booster in scaling up the company’s profitability. These expenses may appear tiny in the eyes of the business owner. But over time, the same costs transform into unaccounted losses. The reason behind this change is that the company incurs the costs without keeping track of the same. These costs can be towards travel, transport, refreshments, repairs, bills, or wages.

Such payments may seem relatively smaller when compared to the more significant transactions. Hence, the business owner may deem them to be inconsequential. But the fact remains that for a new venture,  or a start-up, every penny count. Thus, it is necessary to keep a thorough track of all expenses. While this may seem a gigantic task, here is something that will help maintain proper accounts of your big and small business budget.

A Small Business Budgeting Template is a simple worksheet/calculator which helps in creating a blueprint of all the expenses to come and revenues to be generated along with the current balances. Once a massive amount of funding flows in, it is vital to handle the funds wisely. After all, one is paying interest on any such credit. Hence, there is a need for a business owner to be prepared. After obtaining the funds, one must make a plan for managing it with such budgeting templates.

Benefits of having a small business budgeting template

1.) Avoids the cost of expensive accountants – Bookkeepers and accountants charge exorbitant prices for their services. Sometimes, their fees are equivalent to the entire budget for a month of a small business. Start-ups cannot afford such expensive costs. Hence, they need to look for feasible options like the free budgeting template offered by Business Backer for new ventures. With this template, the entrepreneur can keep aggregate accounts for the coming month and plan accordingly without consulting attorneys, accountants, and bookkeepers.

2.) Easy to use- Given that the template is readily available on the website and it is so simple to use, just about anyone can use it. All one needs to do is keep a list of upcoming expenses and then input them to get the final result. Also, the template will have a built-in list of possible costs for a small company. As a result, the entrepreneur need not go through the painful process of making Excel sheets over and over again. It is an effortless way to maintain a business budget.

3.) Planning- Once the person enters all the inputs, he can set a limit on the expenses. He can identify needless expenditure and also look red flags like for excess losses. He can also look for opportunities for saving. With such scrutiny, he can avoid unwanted costs and save more for re-investing back into the company. This is the value provided by having an eagle-eye focus on income and expenditures.

4.) Fast and Efficient- Because it has a space for all kinds of components a budget should take into account, it is a quick way to go about planning. Employee time tracking is best to watch the work, is done once a person inputs the needed sections. He need not spend crucial hours on Excel and other accounting sheets.

The template takes into account these things: inventory, shipping expenses, mortgage, rent, repairs, website expenses, travel, remuneration to employees, debts, cash discounts, interests, taxes, and much more. The best part is that the budget does not just stay on the website. The budget can also be printed for further references. Business budgeting is a difficult task. But if done smartly, it can reap multiple benefits for all the small businesses.