Rules for Children Riding on Motorcycle in Louisiana


Summer is here, which means one can see tons of motorcycle riders wherever they lay their eyes. What people enjoy the most while riding a motorcycle is the fact that there is nothing but an open road ahead of them. This feels very thrilling, giving the rider a feel of a free bird. But with freedom comes dangers as well. Riding a motorcycle makes you prone to injuries. This also makes you more prone to dangerous accidents and even death.

Hence, it is better to follow all the safety procedures and guidelines while riding a motorcycle. To not get into an accident, it is essential to follow Louisiana’s motorcycle laws. Following these rules ensure that you are safe on the road. Since most of these riders are children, it becomes even more important to follow them.

Like other states, Louisiana also has its laws when it comes to motorcycle safety. Here are some of those laws that one must follow for their own safety and life:

  1. Safety Gear

Wearing safety gear is of the utmost importance while riding a motorcycle. All riders must be wearing a helmet at all times. Other than this, wearing approved eyewear is also important. The other thing that a rider should keep in is that they should sit astride the seat with one leg on each side.

  1. Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is allowed in many states but not here, however it is not the case in Louisiana. For those who do not know, lane splitting means riding between 2 cars on either side. A lot of children change lanes for the thrill which is considered a big risk for the riders. Some people perform it in a hurry to get out of traffic. This can lead to accidents and severe injuries.

  1. Age Limit

According to motorcycle accident lawyers Louisiana, children in Louisiana shouldn’t ride a motorcycle before the age of 5. One cannot transport them as they usually need a car seat to sit or they might be too small to fit on the passenger seat.

  1. Handlebar Height

The handlebar height is regulated by LA R.S. 32:19.3. According to the rule, you can’t ride a motorcycle that has handlebars higher than your own shoulders. Since a lot of children ride a bike in Louisiana, the handlebar height becomes very important for their safety. According to motorcycle accident lawyers Louisiana, having higher handlebars makes it difficult to handle the motorcycle.

  1. Motorcycle license

While to ride on a motorcycle, a child should be at least 5 years of age— to ride it, the mandatory age is 16 years old. Teenagers of 16 years or age with a registered license or learner’s permit can ride the motorcycle up to 3 miles of their official residence. Acquiring a license includes passing a written as well as a skill-based test.


There are a lot of restrictions under the Louisiana Revised Statutes section 32:191. There are restrictions as to who can ride a motorcycle and who cannot. This statute prohibits riding with a child who is required to be restrained in a rear-facing or forward-facing child safety seat. One also can’t carry or travel with a child if there is just one seat on the motorcycle.

There might be cases where the accident is caused by another motorcyclist. To prevent this, we must always wear safety gear and follow all the rules. In case such an accident takes place, it is advisable to contact motorcycle accident lawyers Louisiana based immediately. There could also be cases where the rider can get grievously injured. By speaking to an attorney, you can get the best legal advice on the same.