SEO Basics For Your Digital Marketing Efforts


Learning the basics of search engine optimization is essential to creating digital content that matters.  Without views, the things you toss into digital space may as well not exist.

You want to be as visible to the public as possible when you launch your online marketing campaign, and SEO is the foundational key to your success.

Learn how to give Google search algorithms what they seek, and find your digital marketing content on the top of the search engine results pages.  Read on to start your educational journey, and check out some SEO basics for your digital marketing campaign.

Research proper keywords and phrases

The keywords and phrases you use within the text of your digital marketing content are used to relay the subject matter of your content to Google search algorithms.

If you don’t clearly spell out the purpose of your content, it may not index as well as it could have otherwise.  Learn to create an ideal keyword saturation within your text body, and get into the minds of web users as you choose your target consumer.

Work to build a network of backlinks

Search engine optimization has a lot to do with the competency rating of your content.  Building an intricate collection of backlinks tells Google that there are many different websites (or web users) who trust the information you post.

It will raise your domain authority rating with Google, and your placement in the search engine results pages will improve.

Include high-quality images/videos

Low-quality images or video will slow down the loading capability of your digital content.  High-quality images or videos in your content show proficiency and clear direction in your marketing.  It’s also helpful to condense the files, so your content doesn’t take any longer to load.

Be thorough with your metadata

Even if you’re following a simple template or format to build your website, you need to make certain you spend time filling in the metadata.

The metadata is the hidden information that describes images and offers extra listing information for web users to read.  A quick description of what searchers will find when they land on your website helps to draw web users into your pages.

Mobile-friendly content gets a rank boost

This is the decade when mobile web users took over the majority online.  Your digital content isn’t nearly as effective as it could be without mobile optimization.  Always create marketing content that appeals to mobile web users.

One long-standing effective method of mobile marketing for business is the QR code.  Adding QR codes to products gives your business a new opportunity to reach out to consumers in a digital manner.