Shared and Dedicated hosting – the two most popular web-hosting Services

Dedicated hosting

In a straightforward way, web hosting means storage services. The web hosting companies will offer space on a web server to the customer on lease. In this way, the individual can easily make his content visible on the World Wide Web. The storage volume provided by the company has a limited capacity or it may be unlimited. The amount of content of the client occupying the purchased storage is called disk space.

 To host a website on the internet, the company shall require a personal server. But this kind of hosting service induces a lot of expenditure. In this scenario, the hosting agencies came up to help the company. Since these agencies are making a good amount of money from this service, a gradual symbiotic relation started to begin between the two. Now a single host can serve multiple companies.

The user should buy the web hosting service according to the requirements of the website and bandwidth provision. Though there are several kinds of services, as a fresher one should focus on only shared and dedicated hosting as a broad classification of web hosting. Shared hosting simply acts as an apartment. On a single website server, a huge number of websites are run. Dedicated hosting means a single house. The entire storage capacity of the server is occupied by a single website.

 Apart from the definition, one can compare the two services in various other aspects:-

  • Production cost: – Since the entire server space is divided among the users, per head rent becomes much smaller. Hence shared hosting is a perfect choice for the freshers. Dedicated hosting costs more, but there are a lot of added advantages. Installing software, controlling traffic fluctuations are some of the examples. But still, it is a better option for the experts.
  • Technical skill:- The shared hosting service provided will take all the responsibility regarding technical specialization. It brings both advantages and disadvantages. Someone’s website is operating under the control of the host and not that person. It may create issues regarding security. In dedicated hosting, the owner of the website is entitled to customize all the technical provisions all by himself.
  • Performance control: – It can be better achieved in dedicated hosting. Even if there is fluctuation in traffic, it can be easily controlled. But in the case of shared web hosting, the sources are shared by many users. Any increase in traffic on one’s website can make traffic jams in others.
  • Security purpose: – Security is better controlled in dedicated hosting than shared hosting. Due to the singularity in terms of a user in the entire webspace, there are minimum chances of virus and malware problems. Even if it is detected, can easily be ejected out. Security control in shared hosting is provided by firewalls and some applications. It is a risky option as the virus may be the intruder due to some other user’s negligence.
  • Bandwidth and disk space: – These two things are the prime factors when one thinks of buying a web service host. In dedicated Web hosting services, the bandwidth provided is sufficient according to the website traffic. There is no requirement of sharing the resource. But in shared hosting, the bandwidth provided is limited according to low rent. Moreover, if the allocated bandwidth space is exceeded, the user may be penalized.
  • Crashing of the system: – Despite repeated corrections, the system on shared hosting crashes abruptly on increasing the load. The most unfortunate thing is that the combined loading affects all the websites running under the same web server. This problem is not experienced in dedicated hosting. After paying a good amount of rent, the system is well equipped to tackle an enormous amount of loading on the server. Loading can occur anyway in dedicated hosting since the particular company is now on the verge of expansion.

Web hosting services have their pros and cons in own terms. Using these services, the performance of the site can be improved. A commercial organization has an overall objective of maximization of profit. Web hosting agencies help the company in achieving the desired goal. The reliability and 24*7 technical support make the organization focus more on job prospects. On the other hand, employment opportunities are growing exponentially in the web hosting companies also.

Conclusion: Several dedicated employees are now required. They will now help the commercial companies on behalf of the host. Shared hosting should be considered when the budget of the website is small. It is justified because the traffic on a new website is not so high. Investing in the hosting in the initial years is not at all a budget-friendly option. That new company can shift to dedicated hosting after some years when a good amount of traffic is achieved within the stipulated time.