Signs your floor needs an update


We all have heard about the benefits of professional flooring for sports activities. Well, yes, they last for years and years. However, there comes a time when even the most long-lasting flooring needs a replacement. Since the flooring is so intact and durable, sometimes it’s hard to identify when the floor needs an update or a replacement. Yes, you might call in professional help for floor maintenance or cleaning, but it is necessary to be aware of any change that appears on the floor.

Today, we will help you identify a few signs that tell that your floor needs an update.

What are the major signs to know your floor needs replacement?

Although you will need a full-proof inspection from a professional company, here are a few signs that might mean you need floor replacement or update:

●    Moisture Damage

Moisture damage can be a serious problem for homes situated in humid areas. It is possible that due to moisture damage, your hardwood floor could show signs such as gaps on the edges, compression, buckles, or cups. The severe case not only arises due to the humid environment but could also be a result of leakage, flooding, or fire sprinkles. The wood flooring is mostly affected by this kind of damage.

●    Structural Damage

Structural damage can, at times, be an extension of moisture damage in the flooring. It can also be a cause of any minor leakage in the roof or turning off the fire sprinklers. Structural damage also includes unevenness, cracked floor joists, and termite damage. The floor might also look like it is slopping or sagging. Lastly, you must also be careful of the small gaps that form between the floor and the walls.

●    Cosmetic Updates

Oftentimes, the floor shows no signs of damage. However, it does not look as appealing as it used to. It is something to worry about. It is extremely important for your floor to look good; after all, that is the main reason for you to invest in the flooring, right? Even minor things such as scratches, dings, scuffs, can outdate your floor. To look for a new alternative, you can check out

●    Aggravation of allergies

Damaged or old floors often trap dust and allergens, which can affect the environment of the area. Especially for sports flooring, it is important to keep this factor in check as the players can get severely injured while playing on the floor. The sneezing and the coughing can easily come to an end with an easy replacement of the flooring. Carpeted flooring could get worse in such situations, damaging the health of those around it.

●    Odd Noise

Remember all those spooky noises you hear at night? The chances are that it is your old floor telling you to change it. Don’t worry, your indoor gymnasium at home is not haunted. All you need to go is to check your flooring. Weird creaking sounds could be underlying cracks in your flooring that could worsen in the near future and might affect the foundation of your house. Start inquiring about new flooring for that gymnasium now at

●    Natural aging

It is also possible that the flooring that has sustained over ten years or more has started to age. High maintenance and regular cleaning cannot minimize floor damage. The years of utilization of the floor have returned your investment, and now it is time for a change. This also gives you a chance to explore new types and designs available in the market in recent times and give the entire space a fresh look.

Tips on replacement of different types of floors

Different flooring shows different types of signs. Here is a brief on how each kind of flooring can react:

●    Wooden

The wood flooring lasts for decades, but excessive sanding and usage can turn it soft, and the floor tends to lose its resilience. This is the time recoating also might fail.

●    Synthetic

Synthetic floors are also known to sustain for decades, but at times they might show signs such as wear and tear with visible thin patches. Thus, demanding the replacement of flooring.

●    Sports Floor

Sports flooring should be fixed every few years to maintain its luster and look. But at times, even after the regular painting of logos and lines, the floor starts to look dull over time. Here comes the time when replacement is required.

The flooring of home and workplace go through a lot, but the most affected are sports flooring. Players or athletes run, jump, dribble, skip, and perform other tedious activities involving heavyweights and large machines. Thus, it is no surprise that the flooring begins to show signs of damage. Good quality flooring purchased from Junckers can be the perfect replacement for your old and damaged flooring.