Ways to Reduce Your Business’ Operating Expenses

Business’ Operating Expenses

Some commercial enterprises struggle to pay ongoing expenses that become increasingly higher over time. Instead of being rewarded for years of being loyal clients to a vendor or service provider, they may find that their costs keep increasing while new customers receive better prices and promotional offers. Some commercial businesses mistakenly believe that they’re stuck with a service provider simply because they have a strong foothold in a particular service area. However, employee monitoring is important to periodically bid out all of your service contracts. You may be surprised to learn that you have more options than you think. Here are three often overlooked operating expenses that you should evaluate.

Waste Management and Recycling

Commercial business’ waste control and recycling programs often represent a significant percentage of their operating budget. In addition to waste disposal, compactor and dumpster service and repair can be inordinately costly. Also, when different types of waste or recycling materials are accidentally comingled, you may even face additional high fees. However, good alternative waste management solutions in your area may be able to offer you competitive rates and help you establish systems that promote consistent proper disposal of your commercial waste materials. To get the best possible rates, it’s preferable to work with a provider who specifically caters to commercial clients rather than a provider who predominantly serves residential customers.

Internet and Telephone Service

Internet and telephone companies often tend to gradually raise their rates over time, so you may find it necessary to shop around prior to the expiration of your contract. Ideally, you should start the process of securing other quotes three months before your current contract expires. If you’re not currently under contract, you may be able to get a better rate from your current internet provider by calling your individual account manager or the provider’s customer retention department and explaining that you are considering terminating services due to your concerns about costs.


Many businesses incorrectly assume that they have only one option for their energy needs. Sometimes energy companies attach the name of a state or a municipality to create the impression that they’re only game in town. However, the energy marketplace is continually expanding. New and independent providers are able to offer competitive rates and programs that can help you save on your monthly energy expenses. In addition, incorporating renewable energy equipment into your business’ infrastructure can help reduce your energy usage while making your business’ operations more environmentally friendly.