Why Standees are a Must for Tradeshows


A standee is a self-standing display of graphics and content used to promote events, products, or services. It can range from 3D displays with lights and movement to traditional standing standees. Being lightweight they can be carried easily from place to place, making it an ideal advertising tool. A trade show plays an important role in attracting visitors and creating an impression on them. Standee design used here can be a great marketing tool in getting the right target audience to engage with it.

Here are some reasons why you should focus on brochure and standee design for tradeshows.

  1. Attractive display

Like a product brochure design, a standee can be an outstanding element for your brand to create a lasting impression in your consumer’s mind. Standees with moving graphics and LED lights use different colours, shapes, and graphics to market your message and that too without spending a lot.

  1. A stand out design

A standee is a larger representation of your brand that you can use at tradeshows to market your business. The most eye-catching and dramatic your standee is, the better chances of it being noticed. Don’t overload your standee with too much information, keep it short and fun, and make sure to add all the important details. Customers get an idea of your brand and what you stand for when they look at your standee message.

  1. Immediate Payoff

Standee design can ensure a hike in your profits. Being placed in a high traffic environment like a trade show, it ensures customers will see your design from afar, making a choice to visit your stall. Using a mix of traditional and online marketing methods will help your business double and your brand succeed. Doing this helps to increase the number of customers which in turn can be beneficial for sale.

  1. Can be easily carried

Standees and product brochure designs are portable and can be carried from place to place. They can be put outside your store, in an event, or even in a crowded tradeshow. Being lightweight makes them all the more beneficial as it helps to catch attention and magnify your stalls display. You can also carry a standee within the trade show to different locations and it can be easily transported over long distances. This is one reason that a lot of brand owners both big and small prefer to use standees.

  1. Reusable and highly efficient

Another advantage of a standee is that you can reuse them. This cost-effective tool can be reused year by year depending on the message, this will help you cut down on costs spent to market your products and will amplify your trade booth display. Most online marketing can be done once and doing it over and over again will end up being costly. The plus point of a standee is that it can be paid for once and reused a lot of times. A well-designed standee demands attention, appeals to the audience, and creates a lasting impression of your brand.

In conclusion.

There is a fine line between a great standee and a mediocre one. Remember to always make sure your standee is bold, visually appealing, and effective in attracting visitors and holding their attention. Your standee needs to not only be visual but informational as well, customers who do not end up stopping at your stall may take in information and look for your brand sometime in the future. Think of is a connection between you and your customers without saying too much. In short, it should include everything right from your brand logo, contact, message, and some nicely done image content.