Tips for trading on the IQ Option smartphone app

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Would you like to earn cash on the smartphone anywhere? The IQ Choice application achieves this as the right path forward. It is easy and quick to exchange through such an app. You can learn how to download the IQ choice application in this guide.

Activate the IQ Option application for smartphone

Go to the website of the IQ Option and enter the download page. You’ll find here which platforms their applications support. In AppStore / PlayStore, you could get them free of charge.

Browse & download IQ Option Application for Smartphones

Another path to PlayStore / AppStore will take you directly and look for “option.” Once people discover it, download that to their smartphone. Install the application when you complete the update. The IQ Option application icon for the smartphone will be created.

  • Sign in for your first IQ choice.
  • Insert the application launcher icon on the smartphone to access when the installation is finished.
  • Press on the button Log Next. While you don’t get an IQ Choice account, I suggest you create a practice profile.
  • Access the email address and password tap login.

A piece of advice to the trading interface of the IQ Option

The plus (+) symbol at the upper end is often used to pick a property for buying and selling. An entire list of tools you can exchange is opened by taping this function. Please mention that the smartphone application IQ Option has fewer tools than the desktop and browser models of the IQ Option app.

At the edge, your commercial interface is the investment effectively traded. It’s really the AUD or USD forex combination in this situation. The financial function contains the field besides entering the amount of your business, the leverage as well as price characteristics.

You will also recognize the classical purchase and sale icons in the IQ Option browser as well as desktop versions. When you think the price will increase, the buy icon will be used to access a place. When you think the cost will drop, the sell icon will be used to access the role. You can utilize drawing tools, including indicators in smartphone app trading. There are also less than desktop versions and browsers. On the IQ Option, you can utilize the various charts. The time framework of the map is as seen on the web as well as desktop versions.

Smartphone Trading on that IQ Option

Although the application makes trading anywhere convenient, it might take a while to understand how to utilize it. I suggest trading using a demo account, then selecting one resource (forex or numerical options) for trading. Trade the selected asset first on your account. Only then can you continue to use the true account to exchange after you have perfected utilizing the mobile app.

IQ Option Mobile app trading tips

However, the app configuration can be changed easily. This is particularly important since one-touch dealing needs to be removed. This is entering a market with such a single click.

A finger put wrongly may enter a disadvantageous trade for you. Click on the list on the upper left of the screen to adjust the settings. To remove one-touch, click on the settings. The other configurations can be modified as you want. Another noteworthy aspect is the WiFi and 4 G access that you need. This guarantees the smooth running of your app. Take the time to finally learn how to utilize the smartphone IQ Option application via a demo account.

How simple would it be to trade with the smartphone application IQ Option?

As stated earlier, there are limited features in the IQ Choice smartphone app. when you are an inexperienced trader. I would recommend you first attempt your smartphone’s practice account. Stop trading when you see this and ensure fast WiFi / 4 G is available. Also, please ensure the smartphone doesn’t have so many slow-down applications enabled. One of the best investment options is by exchanging using the smartphone IQ Choice app. You don’t have to utilize indicators to decommission the trading interface.

IQ Option App allows you to create the payment faster and more convenient when you are about to earn cash with the smartphone. This article may help you in installing IQ Option on the phone and in changing IQ Option to the Demo account.


First, you must switch off one-touch payments, as this unlocks binary options one touch transactions. It is a tragedy if a mistake will lead to a disadvantageous transaction. Please press on the options to adjust them and switch off the one-touch feature. The link to WiFi or 4 G must be secure. IQ option trading is similar either on the phone or on the PC / Laptop. Awareness is also essential for options to be opened. Let us, therefore, cultivate more and more knowledge for ourselves.